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Ocak 2012
Artık Ölmek ıstemiyoruz 

Erkek Şiddetinden Kurtulmuş Kadın Yoktur!

Celaleddin Cerrah'ın görevden alınmasını talep ediyoruz. 

SSGS Kadınların Bildirisi
Women Engineers Group

We are a group of women working or looking for a job or pensioners with educational background in areas related to science and technology. We aim to increase public awareness on discrimination against women in professional life and in education that we experience in daily practices, to fight against discrimation and share our experiences and ideas in order to build solidarity. Currently, we have 450 members. Although our group started as an electronic community under a yahoo groups, we worked on several campaigns which went quite successful.

In 2006, we had a campaign expressing our reactions against the discriminations in professional life: more specifically against job announcements which directly/indirectly had the word "male" in their candidate specifications. More than 1000 women, and 40 women organizations supported us by signing our campaign declaration. Through this campaign we managed to raise public awareness in the society regarding the subject matter issue. Additionally, with the effect of this campaign the Directorate of Turkish Employment Agency (IS-KUR) had an announcement saying "demand for workforce will not include any discriminative signs", and also Nimet Çubukçu- State Minister Responsible for Women's and Children's Issues- supported us declaring "the discrimination against women must stop".

The publication of the booklet of an activity by Chamber of Civil Engineers was ceased and the distributed copies were collected back upon the reactions of our group since the booklet included statements implying gender discrimination. In addition to several activities such as panels, film sessions, meetings and campaigns, we publish a monthly e-bulletin which includes our personal experiences and ideas, lives of women who had been pioneers in science and technology but had been forgotten. We believe that women's activities must be extended and disseminated in Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (UCTEA, or TMMOB in Turkish) and in other professional organizations, and we take active roles in establishing women commissions in the body of chambers.

Currently, we are intensely working on the realization of organizing a nation wide UCTEA women's general assembly.

For further information please feel free to contact us. 



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